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Inspirational, motivational, dedicated, visionary, living with a passion & purpose, never stop dreaming, continuous education & lifelong learning, lead by example, model expected behaviors, be a great steward of God’s Gifts (tangible & intangible) are not words from the latest definition of leadership; these are words that describes Professor Jeff’s life and fuels his educational and leadership philosophy.

Jeff delivers an actionable framework for “High Performance and Growth Mindset” keynotes and motivational speeches that combines his unique experience of serving in the United States Air Force for 25.5 years and especially growing up in rural (on the farm) East Texas in a home WITHOUT electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, television, telephone, automobiles (mules pulling wagons were their transportation). Jeff’s father, a World War II veteran (1942-1945), was illiterate and he never learned to read, write or drive an automobile. His parents raised 12 children (six boys/six girls); 50% of the children graduated high school; “GLASS HALF FULL”. Jeff attended segregated schools until the seventh grade; he graduated high school in May 1976.

Jeff’s keynotes and motivational speeches are:

  1. TRANSFORMATIVE: Providing the insight for personal and professional positive change.
  2. MOTIVATING: A unique approach and process for your one-of-a-kind brand; your purpose.
  3. ENGAGING: Connecting with you and your attendees for an invaluable experience.
  4. INSPIRING: Energizing and empowering you to a new way of thinking.

Keynotes and Motivational Speeches Topics: The Tassel is Worth the Hassel ♦ There is Life and Death in Words ♦ Growth Mindset –vs – Fixed Mindset ♦ The Buck Stops Here ♦ Keep Your Dreams Alive ♦ You See my Glory, You Don’t Know My Story ♦ Every Day is a New Day ♦ Make an Appointment with You and Keep It ♦ You are a River Not a Reservoir

Jeff’s keynote presentations and motivational speeches leave audiences with the question: How good do you want to be?

Empower and Inspire Greatness in Your Teams.  Contact me so I can add value and help grow your organization.

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