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“Serving and Adding Value to People, People Are My Business”

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Leadership, Life and Career Coach

As CEO of Jeff Willie Leadership, Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team, International Leadership Consultant, International Leadership Coach/Speaker/Trainer, Conflict Resolution Trainer, Life and Career Coach, and an Educational Consultant/Trainer, I promise to facilitate, teach, train, motivate, inspire, and model servant leadership while serving you and your organization. Please contact me so I can serve you and your organization.

Personal Coaching

The Maxwell Method is our proven system for helping you develop your skills for professional advancement.

Career Building

Improve your leadership, speaking, coaching and selling skills with the Maxwell Method.


I offer these resources as additional tools to enhance your personal growth, focus on accepting ownership of your work and strive to make things better within your sphere of influence.  As you invest in yourself and others, these resources will help you embrace resilience, shed light on your calling…thus increasing your leadership capacity.


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I provide inspiring training, teaching and coaching that will expand the mind of team and help shape their perspective on how to follow, lead, and soar to the next level of personal and professional greatness. I give your team tools to help reinforce effective leadership behaviors in the home, in the community and in their place of business.


My Bio!

Jeff Willie is in huge demand as a seminar leader and motivational speaker. His participants give him the highest marks as he delivers research based, common sense, practical, and proven strategies that are guaranteed to increase your leadership capacity and improve your organization performance.

Leadership Philosophy

Whether you are the leader in your home, your school, your church, or your place of business, leadership is service to mankind, service to calling larger than the person, a service willing to sacrifice their needs for the needs of others. Leaders accept responsibility for their actions and make no excuses for irresponsibility. Leaders seek and obtains personal and professional knowledge plus skills in their field of study. Leaders cannot add value to others unless they are willing to add value to themselves. You can’t give what you do not have.

Leaders are servants first; do not ask for the hand until you give your heart in order to receive a heart.  Therefore, leaders are (1) people focused (2) visionaries (3) fosters a growth mindset environment (4) encourages and rewards risk taking (5) respect and develop a productive relationship with each member of their team. Great leaders know the way and show the way.  Everything rises and falls with leadership.

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Life and Death are in Your Words

In life, you don’t get what you want, you get what you expect. The key word is “Expectations.”  Your word choice and your nonverbals like body language determine your expectations. What do you expect from your children? What are the modeling behaviors your children...

How Poverty Produced a Platform

Raising oneself up from extreme poverty is a major challenge for anyone to conquer, but it was Jeff Willie’s revelation at age 19 that would forever change his life. The current Allen, TX resident was born in 1957 as the 10th of 12 children in the East Texas town of...

Jeff Willie’s Education Philosophy

School is a place of growth and development. School is a place we discover who are in a larger society. School sometimes becomes a place of safe haven from a chaotic world at home for many in our society. Schools are open doors to job opportunities, building...


“Meet My Personal Development Coach”

Throughout my career, I always strived on my ability to engage and inspire others. I feel like after the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, I am even more equipped to do so. The program provided me so much more perspective into the value of growing myself while bringing along everyone around me. With the knowledge and inspiration I received from the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, I am now in a position where I find myself seeking to add value to the lives of others, including my own family. More importantly, I have developed better and more effective ways to interact with my kids through positive reinforcement. In the past, I would punish them for their mistakes, but now, I create an incentive for them to do the right things and it is working out amazingly well. Give Jeff Willie a call. I promise you, after a few sessions with him, you’ll develop the courage needed and be well on your way to executing your personal development. 

Bamba M. Sohna                                                                                                                                  Dallas Diversity & Inclusion Communications Chair                                                                                T -Mobile Metro Development Manager    

"...you are such a blessing to leaders of all kinds..."

Just a few words of thanks for the outstanding training session that you performed at the Mt. Olive Church of Plano on November 15th, 2017 by Professor Jeff Willie. Our people were so delighted and encouraged from the training. You were able to keep the leaders engaged even on a Wednesday night. I hope you understand that you are such a blessing to leaders of all kinds, especially the body of Christ.

Dr. Sam Fenceroy, Senior Pastor                                                                                                                                               Mt. Olive Church of Plano

"We were blessed..."

We were blessed to have Bro. Jeff Willie come down and share with local pastors and church leaders in our area back in October 2017. The teaching was practical, powerful and very effective. All of the pastors and leaders were truly blessed and helped by this insightful teaching.  I personally remember leaving the seminar feeling empowered and ready to more effectively carry out my assignment from God. We are already looking forward to his return to our area in the future.

Pastor Taurus Johnson                                                                                                                           New Hope Church

"An eye opener for me..."

I recently attended a Leadership Conference “Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership” presented by Jeff Willie. An eye opener for me was a simple statement: “Organizations are not limited by its opportunities; organizations are limited by its leaders.” Thank you, Jeff, for making this class assessable in East Texas. I look forward to attending more of your professional development workshops.

Sharon Roberson-Jones,
Executive Director Excellent TEEN Choice, Inc.

"I feel empowered!"

I highly recommend the 15 laws of growth workshop. It will definitely heighten your ability to reflect and ponder your life and show, perhaps, where you’ve grown stagnant in your personal growth and make you aware of areas that must be ignited to achieve your full, present and future commitments to your life’s  successes!! The sessions have truly awakend the dormant me that has been suppressed for years to pursue my purpose. I feel empowered!

Carol Brink                                                                                                                                          Director, Cyber Support Flight                                                                                                                552 Air Control Network Squadron, Tinker Air Force Base, OK.

"This course has truly increased value to my life"

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership are inspiring, uplifting, motivating, and challenged me to lead more with a spirit of excellence.  A strong successful leader has influence and power which add value to an organization as well as individuals.   This course has truly increased value to my life.

Patricia McElveen

"I am very thankful..."

Dear Professor Jeff,

I am very thankful for the blessing to have you as my leadership coach. You help me to gain new perspective in my leadership development and improve in my work relationships. Last time, after I shared some of the challenges I was facing in my work, you helped me find the words to put things in context and asked questions that led me to reconsider my approach and find strategies to adapt to the context of my situation in a more knowledgeable way. This conversation made me see another area of growth that I needed to work on: communication. I started reading one of the two books you recommended me (“Everyone communicates, few connect’ of John C Maxwell) and it’s been helpful. I am learning to be a servant leader, and add value to people I interact with one day at a time, one step at a time.

Marcelle Tanga, Yaoundé, Cameroon

"Few people can energize a group..."

Brought Jeff Willie to speak at our annual in-service day to nearly 500 employees. Few people can energize a group of that size and average age of 58 years old! Jeff put energy into the crowd and not only gave them things to think about, but hope for their future. Those 500 employees will go forward and impact the lives of nearly 20,000 student bus riders this Monday morning!  We are off to a great start for the school year ahead and thrilled to have chosen him for this annual day long training event we hold. Highly recommended for your event!

        Jack De Forrest III, MPA        

                                                      Executive Director, Transportation                                                   

        North East ISD, San Antonio, TX. 


"Mr. Willie you were a Blessing ..."

Mr. Willie,

My name is Devon Campbell and you recently came to James Bowie High School to speak with our At Risk Men Institute group (ARMI).  I cannot help but think of your motivational speech and how dynamic you were when speaking with them. Mr. Willie you were a Blessing that day and I just wanted to say thank you for coming and sharing your life gems with us. It will always be remembered. You are AWESOME Mr. Willie!! You are an inspiration!!

Coach Devon Campbell

Football Coach

James Bowie High School Arlington ISD


"with 90 at-risk males ..."

I would like to extend a “hearty” thank you to Mr. Jeff Willie for his service and continual willingness to share his expertise and experience with the leaders of tomorrow! I sponsor a very unique class of high school young men and we recently were graced by Mr. Willie’s presence.  During his visit to our campus, he spoke with 90 at-risk males on the topics of leadership, resiliency and strong character.  He did what most speakers have a hard time doing with a young audience; he made the topics relevant and engaging to the students.  He used something as common knowing blood types, to help these young men focus on the mindset they MUST keep throughout all adversity….”BE POSITIVE”.

Christopher Arceneaux     

Math Department Chair     

      James Bowie High School Arlington ISD       

"You are not a mistake. You are meant to be here. You are a gift."

Good morning Professor Jeff

I’m Ezra Hernandez, Director of Communications for A+ Charter Schools, and one of the photographers at our A+ & Inspired Vision graduation ceremonies. Firstly, let me say just how much I appreciate your being our commencement speaker this year. I have sat through many a commencement speeches for dozens and dozens of other schools (including my own graduations), couldn’t tell you what any of them were even slightly about… but yours is one I’ll be able to quote for years:

“You are not a mistake. You are meant to be here. You are a gift.”

Your understanding of what our students, and our families, need to hear, over and over, until they believe it, and then a few times more for the times they forget, was delivered in speech-perfection. Your entire speech was phenomenal, and I thank you greatly for sharing it with our scholars.

Ezra Hernandez

Director of Communication

A+ Charter Schools Inc., Dallas, TX.

His heart touched many of our students and staff hearts

“As a high school principal, I was very proud of the messages that Jeff gave to our students. His heart touched many of our students and staff hearts and he made an impact. What impressed me the most is that he showed up at the football game and continued his conversations with student’s parents and staff. What a great human being with a great story who made a difference. Thank you Jeff for taking the time to let us hear your story, keep telling it and keep making a difference!”

Jason Harris, Principal Carthage High School Carthage, TX

He is dynamic, genuine, and will take you to the next level

Jeff Willie’s Irrefutable Laws of Leadership class. The class was very informative and very detailed. Jeff pulls you out of your comfort zone by engaging all students to be a part of the class but at the same time empowers you to take a nuance practical approach to applying the lessons learned to your field or industry. He is dynamic, genuine, and will take you to the next level.

JD Dougherty Little Elm, TX.

I appreciate your delivery and your passion for student success

Monday, September 3, 2018 Professor Willie, I wanted to thank you for the warm welcome in your classroom last week. I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing first hand your rapport with the students. Each of them are learning and are anxious for the next tidbit of life’s lessons. You really do break the information down and put it in their terms. They are remembering the concepts, the objectives, and they probably don’t realize it. Although, they did specifically list what they are learning. I appreciate your delivery and your passion for student success. Again, thank you for having me, and especially including me in your fantastic classroom.

Jacqui Sanchez, Ed.D.

Faculty Development Chair

College of Humanities and Sciences

Texas and Colorado University of Phoenix

We will never forget your great inspirational talk

We will never forget your great inspirational talk!! It was the best I’ve ever heard to get employees motivated to make a positive difference in the lives of our young people. God Bless You and your brothers for such a great job, Well Done!!

JoAnn Tillmutt, North East ISD, San Antonio, TX.

"Teachable Moment"

The Leadership Game was very insightful.  It provided those leaders that exhibited good servant leadership or communication traits with public recognition from their peers.  It also served as a teachable moment for those leaders that were not recognized by identifying leadership traits they may need to work on.

Dr. Nicole A. Roberson, SHRM-CP, CDP

Director, Special Projects, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

“What an Incredible Eye Opening Experience”

I have had the opportunity to attend the “No Limits” training class offered by Jeff Willie. What an incredibly eye opening experience. If you are looking to move to the next level of personal growth, then do yourself a favor and attend one of Jeff’s classes. He has a great ability to get you to tap into the depth of self-reflection so that you can attack your future with “No Limits!”

Vince Vittatoe, Principal at Vittatoe Consulting, LLC

“Incredible Mentor, Incredible Life Coach”

Professor Willie is an incredible mentor, life coach and friend! I have only known him for a few weeks, however the knowledge and resources he has so graciously shared have proven highly impactful in my personal and professional life. If you haven’t already, please reach out to him, sign up for one of his many amazing classes and be blessed by his wealth of knowledge!

  Sarah Hobson, MBA, Member & Finance Specialist, West San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

"Exceeded my Expectations"

Prof. Willie,

The No Limits workshop exceeded my expectations.  I’ve never participated in anything like this before and I really didn’t know what to expect.  Your thought provoking questions and insightful comments helped me to discover more about blowing the cap off of my limits than I ever thought possible.  This was a terrific launching pad for my personal growth and I look forward to continuing my journey toward excellence with you. Thanks for delivering a world class workshop!

Benjamin C. Mason, Jr., Licensed Insurance Broker

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

Life | Health | Medicare | Small Group

Business  Clients

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